Gator Quilts

Gators are very popular in Florida!

I live in Florida, The home of the gators! And by gators I don’t mean just alligators, I mean the University of Florida college football team! I work and socialize with a lot of people who are Gator football fans… you might even call them fanatics! I have made four quilts in that regard. The first one I did was for a coworker‘s young son who like her was also a gator fan. I was just starting to get seriously involved in making quilts so it’s not my best work but her son loved it.

Quilt for Lucas!

I created a special quilt for a girlfriend who has a Cancer Foundation. Her sister passed away from cancer and she has dedicated a part of her life to raising funds to help cancer patients. I made her a quilt, in memory of my husband, to assist in a fundraiser she was throwing.

In memory of Scott Bishop.

One of my coworkers asked me to make a gators quilt for her sister-in-law who was going to have a baby. They were also gator fans. She wanted it oversized so it wasn’t really a baby quilt.

Baby Quilt?

And the last one I made was for my sister-in-law, Barbara, who is a big gator fan. She loved it and will not share it with my Brother, who is also a Gator fan. (However he has a NY Giants quilt that I made for him.)

Barbara’s Gator Quilt

I always have Gator fabric on hand for the next quilt.

I always put a nice ultra cuddly fleece on the back of my quilts. They are quilts that make you want to wrap them around you. Of course the fact that they were made especially for you makes them a truly special gift.

“Of course, the fact that they were made especially for you”

Carol A. Bishop November 16, 2019

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