One of my favorite projects was making this Saphira quilt for my oldest grandson. He is 21 now, but still has the quilt on the bottom of his bed.


Nicholas always loved to read. He became very involved in the Eragon series by Christopher Paolini. He would insist his mom and I read each book when he completed one. He loved the character Saphira and so did I. We would discuss the story and I would always pronounce the name wrong by calling her Sapphire. Nick would always correct me “No Grandma!! It’s Saphira, not Sapphire!” It was priceless. I loved it so much and knew he did too. I wanted to memorialize this character for him, so I made him a quilt.

It wasn’t easy. I was a beginner and had no idea how to accomplish it. I took a picture of Saphira and then traced it into graph paper. I thought it would be easy if I just followed the graph but it was not. It was a lot of work. When I completed it though, I loved it and I knew he would too. It wasn’t perfect but it was clearly Saphira.

Saphira from the Eragon book series

The back is a very soft ultra cuddly fleece. I hope it is something that he treasures forever.

That’s what I try to say with each quilt I gift. I made this quilt with you in mind and incorporated what you love into it. 💗

I made this quilt with you in mind . . .”

Carol Bishop, December 2, 2019

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