Princess Rules

I was talking to my friend Tina and was telling her how I had just finished a quilt for an old friend of mine, Roxanne. Roxanne loves the beach so I had made it a beach theme and knew she was gonna love it.

Roxanne’s beach themed quilt.

I told Tina how Roxanne was going to be so surprised to see it because she had no idea it was coming. It wasn’t her birthday or anything it was just that I hadn’t seen her in a while and had some time on my hands so I figured it was time to make Roxanne a quilt. So Tina says to me “well I like quilts too”. I said “oh really! Well my quilts are all theme quilts. If I was to make a quilt for you what would the theme be?” She started telling me how she likes girly things like the color pink and long walks on the beach and tropical drinks” Then all of a sudden she said ”oh my God I sound like I’m writing for an online dating website.” We laughed and I eventually worked on making her a quilt.

I can’t remember if she referred to herself as a Princess or if I found it when I searched for pink fabric. But it was perfect because she acts like a little princess. lol.

“She acts like a little Princess”

I found fabrics that were perfect. Purses and shoes and perfume bottles and crowns. There was fabric with tropical drinks and references to Paris. I had such fun with it and she loved it. Of course the back was a pink soft cuddly fleece. All in all definitely a very girly quilt.

Carol Bishop December 9, 2019

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