Tea Cup Ladies

Every once in a while you come across a fabric and when you look at it you know who it’s for. You have to buy this fabric and you have to make a quilt because it’s perfect for that person you have in mind. This was particularly true of the fabric I found with the teacup ladies. i fell in love with it. I can’t remember where or when I bought it, but I knew it was perfect for my friend Doris!

The fabric had a dozen or so different wacky, pretty ladies whose body somehow included a teacup. She would be either holding a teacup or wearing it. Could be a hat or a purse.

The ladies were all over the fabric. Right side up or upside down. I didn’t want them all in a group. I wanted to call attention to each one of them for their uniqueness and quirkinesses. Just like my friend Doris. So I had to cut each lady out of the fabric and make a square of each one. Then I would line them all up to create my quilt.

Doris is a very pretty, petite lady with shoulder length blonde hair. The type of lady that you know when she enters the room because she will yell out “hellllloooooo”. She lives alone in a very pretty house with her cat, Molly. We had been really close at one point in our lives, but life happens and I hadn’t seen her in a while. Her birthday was coming up and the girls were throwing her a little party. I decided now was the time to give her something special.

Doris’s home is decorated with soft neutral colors and splashes of color. I didn’t want the quilt to be out of place so I sewed around each lady with white fabric and then bordered it with a soft pink and green. I then separated each square with more white fabric.

I worked on getting all the ladies done first. Then I laid them all out on my sewing table. I had to play around with it to have each lady be in the proper place

There were twenty ladies total and no two were alike. There were old ladies and young ladies. This was Doris’s 70th birthday and these ladies seemed so appropriate for her. Even though Doris would be 70 she would be a very young looking 70. I knew that she would love every lady on that quilt.

The quilt was finished in time for the birthday party and she loved it. Her daughters and friends were there and it was very nice.

Final quilt.

And of course I had the softest, white cuddly fabric on the back. 💗

Carol Bishop. December 14, 2019.

Published by cabishop6

I am a legal assistant in our county attorneys office due to retire in February of 2022. My husband Scott Bishop passed away in November of 2013. After he passed when I wasn’t working, I would Quilt. Sometimes I even took a vacation day just to continue working on one. I love quilting and plan to quilt a lot more after retirement. 🙂 I am currently making Face Masks for friends, family, and co-workers, and also selling them on my Ebay site and Etsy site. You can find me at ToYoursWithLove on Etsy and saintlucie538 on Ebay.

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