Harley Davidson Quilts

I’ve made two quilts for Harley Davidson lovers. The first one was with actual Harley Davidson fabric. My niece asked me to make it for her moms brother for Father’s Day. They all lived together after the divorce of her parents (my brother) and she wanted to show him how much she appreciated everything he had done for her and her family.

She bought the Harley fabric and I did the rest. Her uncle loved it and thanked me profusely. It came out really nice. A mans quilt for sure.

Harley Davidson Fabric quilt

The next quilt was interesting. I have an old friend who always wanted to take advantage of my sewing talents. Was always creating projects for me. Pillow covers or bench seats, curtains. Nothing I ever really enjoyed doing but she knew I could and it would save her money. Not a problem. Was always happy to do it.

One day she shows up at my house with a bag of corduroy and flannel shirts. Leaves them by the door and comes in for our visit. She had been to New York for a visit with family and had just arrived back. We had dinner and wine and when I was walking her to the front door I asked her what was in the bag. “Oh, they are Dustin’s shirts. He wants you to make him a Harley quilt”. Oh really? How do you make a Harley quilt out of that?

I was a big eBay shopper those days and I had an idea. I would buy some Harley t-shirts and incorporate them into the shirt. I found them online for really good prices and went to work. Before you knew it I had an original Harley quilt.

Original Harley quilt

It came out so nice. The flannels were so soft. My friend wanted to be a part of it, so she had offered to help. Sure. Why don’t you take some shirts and cut the squares for me. What a disaster. A lot of them were crooked or not the right size. She doesn’t sew and did not realize the importance of her task. I had to use a few of them to finish the quilt and in the end it did not matter. The quilt was perfect for who it was created for. He loved it. I had made one for his wife and he wanted one too. Now they both had one.

Carol Bishop December 21, 2019

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