Family Christmas Party – was God at work?

So we had our family Christmas party last night at my sisters house. My two brothers, my sister, our significant others and my mom. It was very nice. We had dinner and exchanged gifts. We took a lot of pictures as we always like to do. It was all couples except for my mom.

My mom is 86 this year. Fourteen years ago she and her boyfriend, Tom, moved in together. It became obvious a couple of years later that he had Alzheimer’s Disease. She took such great care of that man but it was taking a toll on her. It is a very hard task. In February of 2018, along with his daughters blessings, he moved into a memory care facility. My mom would visit him 3-4 times a week and take him goodies. He always called her “the boss” after he had started forgetting everyone’s name, but after a while at the memory care place, he stopped calling her anything. He would just say hi there young lady. On September 15, 2019, after a four day period in Hospice he passed away.

After we got home from the party, I was sitting out on my patio scrolling through the pictures I had taken and there in the middle of them is a picture of Mom and Tom! How in the world does an old picture of my mom and her recently deceased boyfriend end up in the middle of pictures taken in one evening?

Screenshot of my photo gallery.

I was totally taken back by this. I’m sure it all happened because of some weird move I made on my phone (and I have no idea if this did happen). I texted it to my mom and she replied “OMG”. I sent it to my brother and his girlfriend and she replied “That’s God at work. Your mom was the only one there alone without a partner and God made a point to put her with Tom.“

Mom and Tom

Was it? I don’t know. But it will sure be a moment I will never forget. Tom was a very special man to us while he was here and I hope he is resting in peace.

Merry Christmas everyone.

“That’s God at work”

Carol Bishop December 22, 2019

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