Special Moments

Last night we had my boyfriend Bobby’s daughter and her two children over for dinner. I made lasagna and spent all day cleaning the house and doing our laundry. A very busy day. Bobby made some delicious brownies for dessert.

We thought they would be here by six or six thirty. They finally made it around 7:30. Lasagna was cooked in a pampered chef dish so it was warm but not hot. But still delicious. We also had salad and garlic bread.

We were anxious to eat when they get here and turns out the little boy doesn’t like lasagna. What? What’s not to like right? Do you like hamburger? Yes. Do you like sauce on pizza? Yes. Do you like melted cheese? Yes, but I don’t like lasagna. So he had salad and bread. And brownies. Of course.

My mom came too and after dinner we all sat around talking while the kids squabbled. You know how siblings constantly have to be picking on each other? Well they did this most of the evening when they weren’t bugging their mom with the when are we leaving question.

My mom with Miss Honey.

My mom left about 8:30. They left about 10:00. We were picking up afterwards and we come across this drawing and writing that the little girl had created. They actually refer to the kids as the little boy and the little girl. I think it is a “southern” thing. I love it.

The little girl.

I have a lot of, shall we say, “inspirational” art on my walls. For example one says “Always in My Heart”, which I have had since after my husband died. Another says “Do something amazing”. That kind of thing.

Unbeknownst to us, the little girl had gone around the house writing it all down and left it for us along with her drawing. How sweet.

A gift from the little girl.

We thought this was so precious. First of all when did she find the time? She was literally squabbling with her brother all night. But somehow found time to be so observant of all these quotes. And maybe, just maybe, we have too many? No way. Lol.

In any event, it just so happens I am working on a memory quilt for her mom for her birthday in June and I think I will squeeze this in for an extra special moment to be remembered many years from now. 💗

Carol Bishop. January 26, 2020

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