Alone Again Naturally

Lately I’ve had this song in my head a lot. Wandering around the house singing it. Do you know of it? It’s an oldie goldy by Gilbert O’Sullivan. I always liked it. So one day I looked up the lyrics and sang along. By the end I can’t finish without getting all teary eyed. The end of the song describes how when his mom passed away he cried and cried all day. Alone again naturally.

I feel alone all the time. I go to work. I come home. Eat dinner. Every night I go to my moms at 7:30 and we enjoy conversation and a glass of wine. Mom will be 88 in December. She’s in pretty good health except for stomach and blood pressure issues. It’s the same conversation every time I see her. When she went to bed. When she got up. How many times she pooped or that she didn’t poop. How much gas she has. What her blood pressure was at certain times during the day. She doesn’t go out. Does not have friends and really doesn’t seem to want any. It’s all she has. The monotony of these stories sometimes send me over the edge. But then I think about those last two lines in Alone Again Naturally and I’m so thankful just to be sitting next to my mom, hearing her voice and being in her presence and I know she is just as happy that I have found the time for her.

Unfortunately we are all to busy now to find time for those we love until they are no longer here. What will I do when my mom is gone. I will miss her dearly and our conversations and wine. That special time that we make for each other every day.

Alone Again Naturally.

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