My Quilt Label

I was sewing quite steadily between 2010 and 2013. I had beat cancer and recovered from broken bones after a fall from my bike. I had always like to sew and my husband thought I needed a hobby. He kept after me until I finally started a project. Then I was hooked once again.

I learned a lot with each quilt. I tell everyone I’m not a professional. I’m just a girl who likes to quilt. I found that I didn’t always have the knowledge needed or the right tools. Scott would always tell me to get the equipment that I needed to do a good job. Always encouraged me to do my best. If something wasn’t right, take it apart and do it over. My seam ripper was my best friend.

When he passed, I continued with my quilting. It kept me busy and believe me, you need to stay busy after such a horrific loss. I would quilt all day and not want to stop. I would yell at myself to stop and go to bed.

I got on Facebook a couple of months after he passed. I had been off for almost a year. When I got back on there were all kinds of postings about him. It was so touching. Nobody could believe he had passed. There was a picture that I had never seen before and I found it so touching. He was standing with another man that I did not know and they were both giving the peace sign. I had no idea who the other man was or where the photo was taken.

I fell in love with that photo. I had it cropped and framed and put it on top of the TV armoire in our living room.

I would talk to him every night. That photo, along with my quilting, saved me. It gave me such comfort. Because I had never seen it, it spoke to me. Consistently told me everything would be alright.

I wanted to keep his memory alive and had a thought one night that this photo could do it. We had been working on a label when he died. We had chosen the “To yours with Love” and the two lovebirds. I added this picture and decided I would put it on every quilt I made. The label was made and the rest is history.

If you have a quilt with this label please know that this man is the sole reason your quilt exists. I was so depressed after my cancer and my fall. Scott knew I needed a hobby to move on and did everything he could to keep me interested in something. I loved him very much and am proud to have his face on every quilt I make. 💗

Carol Bishop. December 17, 2019.

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